2013 One Act Plays (Auditions)

2013 Season of One Act Plays – Auditions!

Monday March 25th 2013 at 7.30pm
Buderim War Memorial Hall, Cnr of Main and Church Sts Buderim.


Written and Directed by Jacqui Mata Luque

Jody, recently divorced and emotionally distraught, moves in with her friend Andrea who has been divorced for quite some years. Andrea has embraced single life and the modern age, her mobile phone being her constant companion. While checking the classifieds in the local paper in the search for a couch, she comes across the relationship column and decides to get in touch with some young men, much to Jody’s horror.

Andrea – a woman in her late 50’s, divorced, modern, up to date, embracing single life.
Jody – also late 50’s, newly divorced, old school, not technologically savvy.
Tony – male, late 20’s early 30’s, a bit of a “bad boy.” Wears well worn jeans ,T shirt leather jacket.
Chris – male, late 20’s early 30’s, very straight, almost too neat.

Enquiries contact Jacqui on 54 455 464 or email: jacmata5@gmail.com

THE LOCAL’S SPOT – Absurd Comedy

Written and Directed by Bruce Olive

The locals’ spot is an idyllic, pristine spot where the local can relax and contemplate in peace. However, today is different. Today the ‘spot’ has been gate crashed by the crazy newcomer and the glamorous tourist, both of whom have their own agendas for this beautiful piece of paradise. The theme for this play could be, ‘You destroy what you love’.

The three characters are female, all 40 plus in age.
The local – Reserved, solemn
The newcomer – Animated, crazy
The tourist – Glamorous, pretentious

Enquiries contact Bruce on 54 767 785 or email: reaolive@gmail.com


Written and Directed by Carol Hoger

How far would you go to secure your future happiness? When is murder not murder?

Coming out of an abusive marriage, Claire Williams returns to her country home to care for her dying father, Alf. She hasn’t seen him for 16 years, after she ran away from home because of sexual abuse. She hopes to heal the rift between herself and her father before it’s too late. On her return she meets her teenage sweetheart, Adam, who is now widowed. Is there a future for them, or will murder come between them?

Claire Williams – Mid 30s. Divorced from abusive husband, Claire returns to her home town to care for her dying father. She had run away from home in her late teens when her father tried to sexually abuse her. She hopes to heal the rift between her father and herself, and is eager to start a new life.
Adam Mears – Mid 30s. Adam is a journalist for the local paper. He and Claire went to school together and were once sweethearts. After Claire left town, he eventually married Linda Evans, who died young. Adam has been a widower for two years, and is pleasantly surprised to meet Claire when she returns to town.
Alf Johnson – Mid 60s+. Alf is a bitter old man, who has lived alone on his farm for the past 18 years. He is dying of cancer, but is fiercely independent and resents the idea that he needs live in care.
Tom Henry – Mid 30s upwards. Tom is the local policeman. He and his wife, Sally, are close friends of Adam’s. He is called in to investigate the suspected murder of Alf.

Enquiries contact Carol on 0435005277 or email: carolhoger@hotmail.com