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Auditions for One Act Plays 2016

Auditions for One Act Plays 2016

3 x One Act Plays

The Finalists of the Edythe Brook Cooper Playwriting Competition
When: Monday January 18th at 7.30pm
Where: Buderim War Memorial Hall, Cnr Main and Church Sts Buderim.

Play 1 – Feeding The Pigeons in Trafalgar Square Drama written by Bruce Olive, directed by Sue Sewell.

Dolcie recalls a tumultuous marriage and her subsequent extraordinary nomadic life, while anguishing over the children she left behind. Based on a true story, this is a play about domestic violence and its long term consequences.

Cast required:
Dolcie – Female 60 to 80 yrs: Spritely elderly lady originally from Devon, England. Doesn’t like authority. Speaks her mind. Worldly, adventurous, well read.
Electrician – Male 20 to 50 yrs: Australian tradesman. During the course of the play, the electrician becomes a part of Dolcie’s thoughts, transforming into numerous characters from her past. E.g: Dolcie’s husband, Dolcie’s son, Dolcie’s old school teacher and Dolcie’s numerous lovers from various countries.

Play 2 – Senses Working Overtime Comedy/Alternate Reality written by Rob Attenborough, directed by Alison Lambole.

In the recycling department, the technicians are watching the football. Collingwood is losing A Tsunami of red wine is heading their way, the result of a power struggle in the committee room. Only Daydreams can avert the looming disaster.

Cast required:
Chairman, Common Sense, Pessimism, Shift Manager, Co-ordination, Optimism – These roles can be male or female and any age. Daydreams – Female any age.

Play 3 – Love In A Food Court Comedy written by Hugh O’Brien, directed by John McMahon.

Krystal Vickery suffers from June West Syndrome which causes an otherwise confident, witty woman to get totally tongue-tied whenever she encounters an available man she fancies. So Krystal’s mother hires Nadette Harper-Smith, a qualified relationship expert to cure Krystal of the syndrome so she can land the man she has been admiring from afar in the Sunshine Plaza food court. But after the strong-willed Krystal chances upon her own unusual cure for June West Syndrome, she becomes so confident, she teams up with her new boyfriend Colin Sizer to seek a cure for Burton-Taylor Syndrome, the sad psychological ailment keeping Nadette apart from the love of her life, Lance Woewodin.

Cast required:
Krystal – Female 25 – 45 yrs.
Colin – Male 25 – 50 yrs, must be believable romantic match for Krystal.
Nadette – Female 30 – 70 yrs, must be older than Krystal.
Lance – 30 – 70 yrs.

(age is character age and is a guideline only)
For more information: Please contact Co-ordinator Jacqui Mata Luque 54455464 or email:

Performances: April 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 – 2016