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Auditions – “Red Riding Hood”

Auditions – “Red Riding Hood”


“Red Riding Hood”

Family Pantomime

Written by John Crocker and Eric Gilder, Directed by Mary Newton

Red Riding Hood is celebrating her eighteenth birthday, and has become heir to a fortune left to her by her ancestor, Robin Hood. Her Grandmother suffers from short term memory loss, but with the help of the audience, remembers there is a will, and eventually where to find it. Red Riding Hood runs a farm and pays rent to the Squire, who is pocketing all the rent instead of sending it to the King. The Prince and his Page come to find out why they haven’t received rent from the region for over a year. The Prince has a curse on him that he is unable to speak to young ladies – he gets tongue-tied, so he decides to become a woodcutter, as they are in a forest. Of course being a woodcutter, he has no trouble speaking and he and Red Riding Hood become friends.

Meanwhile, Bo Peep has lost her her sheep, which she does repeatedly throughout the play, and Poppet, the Page helps her and they have adventures on the side. The Squire plots to get Red Riding Hood in his clutches, either by marriage or other awful ways, as he knows that she has become wealthy even before she does. He elicits the help of his two sons, Hardy and Foolhardy; the names say it all. They wreck his evil plans continually.

The wolf starts off as a typical wolf minding his own business, but because Demon Sheerspite spelled him to be able to talk, he has to do what he is told by the Demon. The Squire and Demon Sheerspite work together to get Red Riding Hood’s money, getting the Wolf to help them. There is the Dowager Fairy Dutiful to thwart all their evil plans, and she even spells the Wolf to become nice. The end scene is the classic “What big eyes/ears/teeth you have” but with a pantomime twist. All ends happily ever after.


Tuesday 27 September at 7.00pm
Where: Buderim War Memorial Hall
Cnr Main Street and Church Street, Buderim

Actors Required

RED RIDING HOOD (a farmer): Female 16 – 18

BO PEEP (her shepherdess): Female 18 – 25

DAME TROT (Grandmother): Male 60 +

SIR FALSHOOD (The Squire): Male 50 +

HARDY HOOD (Squire’s son): Male or Female 18 – 25

FOOLHARDY HOOD (Squire’s son): Male or Female 18 – 25


POPPET (his page): Male 18 – 20


DEMON SHEERSPITE (he lisps): Male (any age – adult)

LUPE (The Wolf): Male (any age – adult)

6 x EXTRAS: Must be able to hold a tune and work well as a team. Males or females any age.

For more information

Please contact Director Mary Newton 07 5478 8823 or email: – AFTER 6TH SEPTEMBER

Performances: January 2017: 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd – 10am and 4pm performances.