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BATS Theatre Co Inc

Annual General Meeting 2018


WHEN: Tuesday 27th March, 2018
TIME: 7.30 p.m. sharp
VENUE: The Buderim War Memorial Hall,
Cnr. Main and Church Streets, Buderim

All current members of the Committee shall retire from office, and are eligible for re-election.

BATS Theatre Company Inc. is looking for nominations for the following positions:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee Members.

We would very much welcome some new people to the committee with fresh ideas and energy.

We would also love to have on board a Grants Officer, Publicity Officer and Sponsorship Officer. These do not have to be Committee positions.

In order to be eligible to nominate, you need to be a financial member for 2018.

Download the nomination form here.

Nominations must be received by close of business 14 days prior to the A.G.M., in this case being 13th March 2018.
Forms can be posted to The Secretary, BATS Theatre Company. P.O. Box 223, Buderim. 4556.

The business to be transacted at every Annual General Meeting shall be;
(i) the receiving of the Committee’s report and the balance sheet and statement of accounts for the preceding financial year.
(ii) the receiving of the auditor’s report upon the books and accounts for the preceding financial year.
(iii) The election of members of the Committee
(iv) the appointment of an auditor

Committee Meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7.30 p.m. At the time of nomination all nominees, proposers and seconders must be financial members approved by the committee.

Hope to see you at the meeting. Remember this is your Theatre Group so your participation is encouraged and welcome.

Alice Rea
Secretary, BATS Theatre Company Inc.
0427 856 680

Deep Eternity

Deep Eternity

BATS Theatre Co. Inc. is proud to present

Deep Eternity

A drama

Winning play of the 2018 Edythe Brook Cooper National Playwriting Competition

By Cerise de Gelder

Directed by Jacqui Mata Luque

In an Australian seaside town, fisherman Vincent Beacon and his wife Coralee are trying to start a family. When his mother reveals a terrible secret from her past, Vincent is faced with impossible choices, and finally decides on a desperate course of action. But for his plans to succeed he must make friends of his enemies and strangers of his loved ones, find the family he never had, and chase a vision that might only exist in his mind.


Gala Opening Night – Friday April 6 – 7pm- pre show nibbles and glass of bubbly.
$30 – no concessions – bookings essential

Evening: Saturday 7 April; Friday 13 and Saturday 14 April 2018, at 7:30pm.
Matinees: Sunday 8 and Saturday 14 April at 2:00pm.

Ticket Prices: Adults $25 Concession $23 Members $21
Group Bookings – 10+ $22 per person (group bookings must be prepaid)
Belfry Bar open for all performances.
Bookings: Book online, or phone Bernadette on 07 5445 2515


Buderim War Memorial Hall
Cnr Main and Church Streets, Buderim


Jacqui Mata Luque

Jacqui has been an active member of BATS for 27 years and has been honoured with Life Membership for her hard work and commitment to BATS. She is an award winning director and actor, a playwright and has been a performance adjudicator at Theatre Festivals on the South East Queensland and Central QLD Festival Circuits. Jacqui’s most memorable production is Snow Angel, which was performed at BATS and travelled the S.E. Queensland Festival circuit winning over 20 awards.


Vincent: Kevin Blair

Kevin Blair has studied directing, acting & production at NIDA summer schools with (now) wife Lisa, and together they established & ran a theatre company in WA for 10 years. Having recently celebrated his first year of life on the Sunny Coast he’s back at BATS for his second production, this time as an actor. Last year he directed the comedy Doggies as part of the season of Deckchairs. Kevin has won various state awards for his acting & directing, loves to teach professional workshops & also enjoys improvisation. He’s relishing being in a drama this time around, his favourite genre to perform.

Coralee: Susie Pritchard

Susie has been involved with BATS both on stage and behind the scenes, for over 40 years, her last appearance on stage at BATS was in the one act play All About Jack in 2015. Her favourite role to date is a toss up between Gloria in Wait Until Dark at the age of 12 or Margaret in the David Williamson play Money and Friends.

Serina: Katrina Pitman

Katrina has been performing for as long as she could walk and talk. From singing in choirs to acting summer camps in her school days, and now pursuing her acting and singing through theatre and film. Katrina has recently moved to the Sunshine Coast from Hervey Bay where she was involved with the local ZPAC Theatre and Maryborough Players. Roles Katrina has loved playing include Annette in God of Carnage, Terry in A Night of Dark Intent and playing the traditional part of female lead male in the pantomime 1001 Arabian Nights. Katrina was also Magrat in the Maryborough Players world premiere of Terry Pratchett’s Witches Abroad. She looks forward to performing for the first time with BATS and is excited to continue being involved in further productions in the future.

David: Luke Buxton

Luke has been theatrical since a young age and has performed both on stage and on screen the majority of his life. He has appeared in various commercials, films and television shows, including Channel 10’s Big Brother in 2012 as part of the “Fake House” challenge. In 2015 Luke competed at the World Championship of Performing Arts in California, bringing home a gold, five silvers and a bronze as well as an industry award.

Sophie: Teula De`Gars

Teula began in dance and theatre at 7 years old. She was offered a scholarship at 16 years old for Australian College of Entertainment majoring in Acting. After performing in several small productions in Sydney, she went to Queensland University of Technology to complete a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Drama, coupled with a Bachelor of Education. As a drama teacher Teula taught drama and directed several one act plays for Townsville One Act play festival, co-directed 3 School Musicals, including Grease and Oliver and a Rock Eisteddfod piece. Currently, Teula is the artistic principle of Rehearsal For Real Life, a ‘Theatre as applied theatre’ drama school on the Sunshine Coast. She has enjoyed performing in Brisbane fringe festivals and at The Brisbane Powerhouse with physical theatre pieces, such as Senakulo. This is her first performance for BATS on the Sunshine Coast.

Lex: Kate Cullen

Beginning at Coolum and Airmar theatre over twenty years ago, Kate has enjoyed performing regularly on the coast in nearly every theatre group. She has acted in some memorable productions including Streetcar Named Desire, Steel Magnolias, Steaming, Death on the Nile, God of Carnage and many pantomimes, as well as directing, and penning a couple of one act plays as well. She has played a rat, a dog, a chook, a bag lady, a silly willy, a witch, a seventy year old, and sometimes just her plain self. Theatre, to say the least, is her life’s passion. After an unbearable year’s break without theatre, Kate is eagerly returning to BATS where she gleaned a lot of her early day experience as a novice in many one act plays and the memorable Hotel Sorrento, and The Unlikely Prospect of Happiness.

Winning Playwright – Cerise De Gelder

Cerise De Gelder is a Melbourne-based playwright whose work has travelled around the world and appeared on stage, film, TV and radio. Her plays have been performed by independent theatre companies across the country, and have won several national playwriting awards. Cerise has had three plays in the Noosa Arts Theatre One-Act Play Festival, and last year was fortunate enough to have Jacqui Mata Luque direct Unforgettable. She’s thrilled that Deep Eternity was chosen as the winner of the 2018 Edythe Brook Cooper National Playwriting Competition and that it is being performed at BATS. She is also thrilled to be working with Jacqui again, and is very excited to have another reason to travel north to one of her favourite parts of the world.

2018 Edythe Brook Cooper National Playwriting Competition

Winner – Trophy and $5000 prize money

Deep Eternity written by Cerise De Gelder from Victoria

Runner up – Trophy and $1000 prize money

True Colours written by Danny Vendramini from NSW.

Danny Vendramini was a multi-award winning film and theatre director and scriptwriter before becoming interested in evolutionary biology. He is the author of two books on theoretical biology: Them and Us: How Neanderthal predation created modern human (2009) and The Second Evolution: The secret role of emotion in evolutions (2015). He is also a prize-winning poet and sculptor, working mainly with found objects. He lives in the Blue Mountains of NSW.


This year’s entries have been judged by a panel of adjudicators who are experienced in various aspects of theatre. The reading panel for this year was comprised of:

Ron Kelly: Playwright, screenplay writer, director and actor, and performance adjudicator
Felicity Bassingthwaite: Graduate of USQ Theatre Department, speech and drama teacher, performance adjudicator and actor
Jacqueline Twigg: Writer, director, founding educator of Australia’s first specialist performing arts high school

The adjudicators assessed each script independently and anonymously, within the guidelines of the criteria provided to them. Their assessments were then collated by the co-ordinators and the winning play and runner up were confirmed.

About Edythe Brook Cooper

Edythe Brook Cooper

Edythe Brook Cooper

Edythe Brook Cooper was a member of BATS Theatre Co. Inc from the late 1980’s until her death in 2003. Her first play to be produced by BATS was “Kisses In The Sky”, set in Milton in Brisbane behind the Castlemaine brewery, and the name referred to the four Xs on the roof. This was followed by many others over the next 20 years.

Writing was Edythe’s passion. Many of her plays have been published by The Australian Script Centre.

Prior to her passing, Edythe made provision in her will for the Edythe Brook Cooper Trust, established to sponsor a local playwriting competition. Considering Edythe’s affiliation with BATS Theatre Co. Inc., they were chosen by the Trustees to act as administrators of this competition under specific guidelines set down by Edythe.

BATS Theatre Co. Inc. is very proud to present this competition on behalf of Edythe.

About the competition

The competition is to be run biennially, alternating between one-act plays and full length plays. It is the objective of this competition to foster and encourage playwrights, whether amateur or professional, who will be judged on the quality of their written script, and its suitability in a theatre setting (see Rule 3. b), c) & d). These scripts will be judged anonymously and equally by an adjudication panel.

For information about the next competition, see Edythe Brook Cooper 2020 National Playwriting Competition.


Full length plays

Winning Play – $5000 and Trophy

Runner Up – $1000 and Trophy

One act plays

Best Play – $3000 and trophy

2nd Best Play – $2000 and trophy

3rd Best Play – $1000 and trophy

Auditions – Romeo and Juliet

Auditions – Romeo and Juliet


“Romeo and Juliet”


By William Shakespeare

Directed by Catherine Steer


Written by William Shakespeare in 1595, Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story. Two young lovers from opposing families meet and marry in secret but then the feud interferes in their plans for a life together. Director Catherine Steer will bring an exhilarating production as you join us on our journey into one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, creating an engaging, violent production with live music and dance scenes from the early 1960s. Experienced actors and theatre beginners welcome.


Tuesday 13 March 2018 at 7.30pm
Where: BATS clubroom, at the rear of the Buderim War Memorial Hall
Cnr Main Street and Church Street, Buderim

When you arrive at the Hall there is parking available to the back of the hall and side. Enter the Clubroom from the rear of the building.

Tea/Coffee will be provided.

Please note, everyone auditioning will be given short instruction of how to read Shakespeare, however, familiarity with the plot is recommended before audition. Try these links:


Watch the DVD Romeo + Juliet, directed by Baz Luhrmann

For your audition, please familiarise yourself with the plot and the characters so that you gain an idea of which role to audition for. You do not need to read the play to do this; plot and character descriptions can be found online.

All ages from age 16 plus and all levels of acting experience are welcome. Ages of characters are flexible. If you wish to audition for this play just turn up, no appointment necessary. There are roles for leads, roles with a few lines and non-speaking parts. We also seek people who wish to be involved in a technical capacity, choreography, musicians, singers and backstage roles, such as stage manager, sound and lighting assistants.

In audition, there will be improvisation, readings and scene work. No need to prepare a speech. Auditionees will be guided in text reading if necessary.


As mentioned, a blend of experienced and beginner performers, from age 16 plus. No upper age limit. Cast will work as an ensemble to enhance the production process and outcome. There will be meaningful improvisation activities that serve as a means to discovering the internal characteristics and objectives of the characters.

All ages given are only a guide to “stage age” of the characters

ESCALUS, Prince of Verona – Male 16 plus
PARIS, a young Count, kinsman to the Prince – Male 18–30 years of age
MONTAGUE, head of Montague house – Male 30 plus
CAPULET, heads of Capulet house – Male 30 plus
ROMEO, son to Montague – 18-25 years of age
TYBALT, nephew to Lady Capulet – 18-30 years of age
MERCUTIO, kinsman to the Prince and friend to Romeo – 18-30 years of age
BENVOLIO, nephew to Montague, and friend to Romeo – 18-30 years of age
FRIAR LAURANCE, Franciscan – 20 plus
FRIAR JOHN, Franciscan – 20 plus
BALTHASAR, servant to Romeo – 20 plus
ABRAM, servant to Montague – 20 plus
SAMPSON, servant to Capulet – 20 plus
GREGORY, servant to CAPULET – 20 plus
PETER, servant to Juliet’s nurse – 18-30 plus
LADY MONTAGUE, wife to Montague – 25-40 year of age
LADY CAPULET, wife to Capulet – 25-40 years of age
JULIET, daughter to Capulet. Actual 13 years of age. An experienced young teenager can be cast or actor aged from 16-25 years of age who bears a young appearance
AN OFFICER – 16 plus
NURSE TO JULIET – 35 plus. Comical, bawdy character
CITIZENS OF VERONA, Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of both houses; Maskers, Torchbearers, Pages, Guards, Watchmen, Servants, and Attendants – 16 plus years of age.

Musicians and Dancers

Three confident singers or actors who can be trained.
Musicians: competent, particularly electric guitarist/drummer/bass player
Dancers able to jive, or learn to jive.

All cast need to wear loose casual clothing and bring a pair of trainers to rehearsals for fight choreography. Thank you. All levels of fitness welcome.


The play will leave its original setting of the Renaissance period in Verona, Italy. It will be set using two eras, the late 1950’s and modern day. This forms the divide between the two families. Live Soul Music, singing performances will feature.

There are many ways to set Shakespeare. To set a Shakespeare in a different time frame has always been debatable. Ultimately, setting a Shakespeare play in a different era should complement the kernel of the play, and ideally, enhance his original work.” – Catherine.


CATHERINE STEER, BA Hons. M Prof Prac (Performing Arts)

Catherine is a professional theatre practitioner and actor. She is the founder and Artistic Director of the Sunshine Coast Actor Training School, Queensland School of Performing Arts. She specialises in physical theatre, directing, Mask, Puppetry and Stage fight choreography and introducing Shakespeare to those less familiar with his works. Catherine has directed over 15 Shakespeare productions with casts of children, teenagers and adults, in Australia and England.

For this production we are keen to include experienced actors but also people who are interested in trying performance for the first time. An excellent opportunity to experience being in a theatre company and working on classical text in a refreshing and interesting way.

A free workshop will be held at the first rehearsal session for familiarisation with text and introduction to synopsis to enhance the experience of this Shakespeare production.

Director’s last note

“I always say in the initial audition for producing a Shakespeare play, that I am not ‘an expert in Shakespeare’. I am, however, a very good communicator, I have a great sense of humour and have bags of imagination and have worked in the performing arts – teaching and training and performing for thirty (30) years.

I have directed many Shakespeare plays with actors of all ages. I love introducing people to Shakespeare that have never experienced reading his plays or performing them.

The first thing that people usually comment on is the thought of having to get through his difficult use of language….so here comes my little story……..

I did not read my first Shakespeare play until I was 26 years of age purely because I had been led to believe, in school, that Shakespeare would be too hard to our B stream English class. Shakespeare wrote in poetry and prose – not a foreign language like French or Sanskrit. Upon reading my first play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ I was saddened and annoyed that I had been kept in the dark about his works for so long. I understood the entire play and was bewitched, not frightened by the poetic language. This is why I think it’s important for everyone who is remotely interested to be introduced to his works. The language is the least of your problems, I’d say the fight choreography in this production might be more challenging!

Shakespeare wrote his plays for the masses, not the elite, and certainly not just for kids in A Stream English class.

They are for everyone and if this is your first introduction to working with Shakespeare I hope you join us for this production.”


Mondays and Thursdays 7.30pm beginning Monday 9th April 2018, at the Buderim War Memorial Hall

Friday 15, Saturday 16, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 June 2018 at 7:30pm
Matinees: Sunday 16 and Saturday 23 June 2018 at 2:00pm

For more information, contact the director Catherine Steer at or phone 07 5476 4376.