Auditions – The Fox on the Fairway

BATS Theatre Co. Inc.


“The Fox on the Fairway”

A farcical comedy

By Ken Ludwig

Directed by David Corben


BATS Theatre Company Inc. are pleased to present this charmingly madcap adventure about love, life and man’s eternal love affair with … golf!

Quail Valley Country Golf Club prepares to take on archrival Crouching Squirrel in the Annual Inter-Club Golf Tournament. With a sizable wager at stake, the contest plays out amidst three love affairs, a disappearing diamond, objectionable sweaters and general mayhem. A cast of six players take you through this delightful romp, which opened in Virginia USA in 2010.


Quail Valley Country Golf Club is hosting the annual Inter-Club Tournament and have nominated Steve Tramplemaine as its top player. However it transpires that Tramplemaine recently joined opposition Crouching Squirrel Golf and Racquet Club and, with support of their manager Dickie Bell, Tramplemaine will now play for Crouching Squirrel. Left with no player Quail Valley are thus faced with a dilemma until it emerges that Louise’s fiancé Justin plays off scratch. Despite his reluctance, he is promptly signed up as a member and put forward as their player against Tramplemaine.

A series of incidents along the way culminate with Justin breaking his arm and Louise replaces him after it is revealed she is a low handicap player. Along the way there are a series of relationship issues which lead to the final moments of the competition, with the winner decided by a final 90 feet putt!


Tuesday 5 June at 7.30pm
Where: BATS clubroom, at the rear of the Buderim War Memorial Hall
Cnr Main Street and Church Street, Buderim

Enquiries: contact David Corben
Phone: 5456 1789

Actors Required

JUSTIN HICKS: 25 yrs, Club employee, assistant to Bingham

LOUISE HEINBEDDER: 23 yrs, Justin’s fiancé, employee of Quail Valley

HENRY BINGHAM: 50 – 60, Manager Quail Valley Golf Club

PAMELA PEABODY: 38 -40 yrs, Treasurer of Quail, glamorous

RICHARD (DICKIE) BELL: 45 – 55 yrs, Manager Crouching Squirrel Golf Club

MURIEL BINGHAM: 45 – 50, Former wife of Henry


Rehearsals: Mondays and Thursday evenings 7:30pm

Performances: 28, 29 September; 5, 6 October 2018 at 7:30pm. Matinees: 30 September; 6 October 2018 at 2:00pm.