Don’t miss out on a night to remember!

The three finalists in the playwriting competition, together on opening night

The three finalists in the playwriting competition, together on opening night: Bruce Olive, Rob Attenborough and Hugh O’Brien

The first weekend of BATS season of One Act Plays was highly successful, with excellent houses, and many positive comments on the plays and performances. Limited seats are still available for the final two performances this coming Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30pm. Book early to avoid disappointment. Book online using our secure server or ring 5445 2515.

Audience members at all performances can vote for their favourite play for the Audience Choice award. And at the conclusion of the last performance on Saturday night, the winners of the Edythe Brook Cooper Playwriting Competition will be announced, as well as the BATS awards for Best Director, Best Actors (male and female) and Audience Choice play.

Here is a review from Lawrance Chadwick of Noosa Community Radio:

“Feeding the Pigeons in Trafalgar Square”, by Bruce Olive.
“Senses Working Overtime”, by Rob Attenborough.
“Love in a Food Court”, by Hugh O’Brian.

The first play has a jaw dropping performance by Shaun Bennett. He performs multiple characters with frightening reality. His opposing character played by Eileen Walder gets a theatrical battering that leaves the audience stunned. It is a play about domestic violence and pulls no punches. It is a very intense production, not for the faint hearted. There was no curtain call for the pair. They deserved a solid applause.

The second play in complete contrast is a lively comedy. It appears like a Star Trek crew on the Starship Enterprise controlling all human bodily functions.
The two lowest members of the crew in Hi-Viz working jackets run amock in the organisation. Luke Buxton bounces and rolls about the stage doing a great performance then exits stage right in silence. Shame on the audience; he should have brought the house down with applause. Amanda Zinn as Daydreams did an amazing ethereal performance. All good fun. Well done the seven performers in this production.

The last play is about sexual relations and how to deal with them if you have some of those well known syndromes. It’s a pairs game with many funny interactions.
You may recognise the symptoms named after well known personalities.
It’s a bit table tennis with amorous connections.

The complete production is definitely a night to remember. You will have difficulty forgetting the Pigeons in Trafalgar Square.

Yours in great theatre,
Lawrance Chadwick.