About BATS / History


Records of BATS history don’t really begin until the early forties, but it’s inception came in 1924 with the opening of the newer and much improved School of Arts in Buderim and the formation of the Buderim Philharmonic Society.

In our scrapbook we have examples of programs from the 50’s and 60’s showing revues were a popular form of entertainment.

During these years we were officially known as Buderim Amateur Theatrical Society, shortened to B.A.T.S.. In 1989 we became incorporated and many of the members indicated a great wish to retain the word BATS in the title, so our official name is BATS Theatre Co. Inc.

BATS prides itself on being one of the largest Theatre groups on the Coast while still maintaining the friendly camaraderie of Theatre lovers whether involved actively or socially. As an active member the opportunities are never ending…From being in the spotlight on stage, directing, guiding productions from behind the scenes, costumes, make-up, lighting, set design and construction, to being our public face working on front-of-house and behind the bar. You can do as much or as little as you wish.

Our shows provide something for everyone – musicals, dramas, comedies and pantomimes!

As a purely social member there are still opportunities to be a total part of our Theatre. We have social events such as picnics, trivia nights, breakfasts, informal get togethers, where all members can meet for a good time. At any show you may come to , we would be pleased if you introduced yourself and had a chat. Committee members can be identified by their badges and are more than willing to answer your questions or listen to your comments, as are our front-of-house and bar staff. After each performance cast members usually gather at the bar to chat and relax and we encourage the audience to join them.

BATS offer 12 month memberships. Members receive regular newsletters and concession ticket prices to our shows and those of other theatres on the Coast.

Being involved in a Theatre group, in whatever capacity suits you, is all about enjoyment, and we hope that BATS can give you that.