Directed by Kathy Hickson
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Character information and further details on the production, can be found by clicking our Auditions page.

Hope to see you at the audition for this exciting and fun production .

Picasso at the Lapin Agile


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Rehearsals are well underway for BATS next production “Picasso at the Lapin Agile”, written by Steve Martin and directed by Nick Smith. This absurdist comedy takes place in the famous Lapin Agile and features the characters of Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso, who meet there. It is set on October 8, 1904, and both men are on the verge of disclosing amazing ideas (Einstein will publish his special theory of relativity in 1905) and Picasso will paint Les Demoiselles d’Avignon in 1907). At the Lapin Agile, they have a lengthy debate about the value of genius and talent, while interacting with a host of other characters.

Picasso at the Lapin Agile was the first full-length play written by Steve Martin. The first reading of the play took place at Steve Martin’s home, Tom Hanks read the role of Picasso, and Chris Sarandon read Einstein.

Martin then held a nine-day professional workshop of the play in Melbourne, at the Malthouse Theatre (in conjunction with Belvior St Theatre, which ended with two public staged readings of the play. The play has since been performed in various theatres around the world.

We are pleased to announce that a benefit performance of Picasso at the Lapin Agile will take place on behalf of the Buderim Foundation on 30th September 2022.
Come join us to help this fabulous local organisation or, if not, enjoy the show during the run of this absurd and very funny Steve Martin play. Further performances follow on 1st October (2pm and 7.30pm), 7th October (7.30pm) and 8th October (2pm and 7.30pm).

By arrangement with Origin Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French, a Concord Theatricals company.

Performance dates:
30 September to 8 October 2022

The Edythe Brook Cooper Playwriting Competition 2022 winning full-length play, coming soon to the BATS Theatre “The Borrowing of Franklin’s Ram” written by Sue Sewell and directed by Jacqui Mata Luque


Rehearsals are well underway for the full-length winning play of the E.B.C. Playwriting competition 2022. Auditions saw a wonderful turnout of local talent, keen to take part in this exciting local production, set in colonial Australia and written by award winning local playwright, Sue Sewell.

Keep up to date on our FB and Instagram accounts for sneak peaks into the production’s rehearsals.

Make sure you get in early, as this play promises to be a real hit with local audiences.


We are complying with current government measures to limit the spread of the virus.
Check in code will be used at all rehearsals and events. Masks must be worn inside the venue. There are no restrictions for distancing if all attendees are fully vaccinated (please show your green tick to staff when attending or a proof of vaccination certificate). We are unable to conduct rehearsals at the venue or host events under strict social distancing restrictions (if a member or patron is not fully vaccinated i.e. 2 vaccinations) we will therefore have to ensure all attendees are fully vaccinated and appreciate your understanding. It is therefore a requirement that all members attending rehearsals or patrons attending performances are fully vaccinated and able to prove this on either their Qld Covid App or with vaccination certificate for entry to venue.

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Thank you for your understanding and compliance to these measures, we have a duty of care to ensure the safety and well-being of our patrons and staff.

End of Year Celebrations Sharing Story and Celebrating Diversity

-End of year party

-Power of a Cultured Woman

-New ideas

Thank you to all members who recently joined us at the Sands Tavern for our end of year party. It was wonderful to meet new people and socialise with friends in the theatre. We welcomed several new members, involved in our upcoming January production of The Power of A Cultured Woman and shared stories and experiences of the theatre and the Coastal life.

We are well underway for our rehearsals for the January production and look forward ro seeing everyone again in the new year. The Power of a Cultured Woman is a new concept for sharing a more diverse and broader experience for our audiences as local scriptwriters, actors, dancers and singers, share their unique experieces and aspects of their varied cultural heritage. What a wonderful concept to engage in a storytelling style that often reflects ancient custom of oral history keeping by placing front and centre, stortellers and creatives, sharing their OWN story, rather than being the subject for a story by a writer, who views from an exterior lens.

As this is a fresh and inivative production, we invite members to get involved. We are still seeking roles to be filled within production areas and are always keen to welcome new members to our company. The idea for our January production, was first put forward by our secretary Kiti. At BATS, we pride ourselves in mounting diverse and innovative productions for our community and providing everyone, regardless of experience, an opportunity to get involved. It was wonderful to see, those who are long standing members of the theatre company, who have contibuted much to our company over the years, meet and mingle with recently joined members at the Sands. The turn out was fantastic and augurs well for the future of BATS. Next May, we look forward to taking part in the BWMCA 75th Anniversary celebrations, Alex Tillack and I have compiled an audio/visual celebration through the decades for an afternoon tea event-we will be sharing our story, history and celebrating everyone who has contributed over the years and the many groups that utilise this special community space. A ‘living’ memorial to the memory of those in the services during times of conflict, who sacrificed so much for peace.

When you consider the Amateur theatre not for profit, company that was formed in 1924, grew and evolved into our current BATS Theatre Incorporated Company, we will shortly be celebrating our 100th anniversary. We are still proudly community based and focused. Alice Rea recently handed over another cheque to the fabulous Buderim Foundation of several thousands of dollars, with all proceeds of opening night for ‘All the Great Books’ being given to the Foundation. We are still proudly associated as a not for profit affiliate of the BWMCA. Connections such as these matter and go beyond individuals. Indeed, our approach reflects a team spirit of collective involvement. From our hard working from of house volunteers, to the stage crew, the costume and tech crew, the creative production personnel-all play a vital role in the company.

Our identity is all the years that have been, the people who have come and gone, the individuals who have shaped the company, worked tirelessly given much. We value and appreciate the support of patrons and organisations, who have continued to be invested in a thriving local live theatre. We celebrate our unique part of the wider Buderim story, acknowledge the indigenous elders, past, present and emerging, on whose land we create and assert our continued commitment to creating and strengthening links with community.

Our local community has evolved and adapted over the years and we are so fortunate to have new members join us, sharing their stories and taking an active part in our creative endeavours.

As we look towards 2022, let us continue to be bold and take risks, rather than producing regularly, plays that have been literally ‘done to death’; the tried and true ‘old favourites’ are still a part of what we do but we continue to find that members and patrons are being engaged with new works or stories told with a distinctly fresh approach. Doing the same old, same old, in the same old way, offers little in the way of a challenge and how we like to challenge ourselves at BATS!

Perhaps you would like to join us at a meeting next year and please, bring ideas to the table. If you have an idea for a production, that might sound a bit /left of field’, we welcome it and can provide mentors to assist those who may be looking are looking to dip their feet into the performing arts. It’s a safe, welcoming and supportive environment at BATS.

If you would like to discuss ways you can be involved in our company, or discuss an idea you may have for a project, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us via or direct line to relevant production personnel on our website contact page.

Wishing all members and their loved ones a safe and joyful festive season.

Peta (Production Manager)